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Herein are assembled the Scholum Artis Bellum



Sir Strykar Geirharldsson - Magister Lanista, Scholum Artis Bellum; World-renowned expert and published author on European and Eastern fighting arts since 1978



Baron Maximilian Von Halstern - fighting since 1982, Max is the Tribunus Angusticlavus, Great Northern Army of Atlantia; Warlord, Barony of Ponte Alto; and Lanista, Scholum Artis Bellum




Sir Brian Dubois Bretonne - Lanista, Scholum Artis Bellum, First Captain of Ponte Alto, Companion of the Sea Stag, Fellow of the University of Atlantia, ...yadda, yadda, yadda




Lord Aethilgar Sheldwich - Lanista, Scholum Artis Bellum


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