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These videos of Scholum fighter practices and classic fights from other tournaments, practices and wars are provided as analytic tools to help trainees deconstruct and analyze the fights to determine what is going on in general, what is being done properly, and what is being done improperly and poorly.


When viewing these videos, we recommend you review them a number of times.  First view them for an overall gestalt to get a feel for the general flow and events of the fight.  Next view them to determine the "what" of the fight -- who is doing what to whom when.  Next, try to determine the "how" of the fight -- how well or poorly are the fighters doing what they are trying to do (or what they should be doing).  Finally, try to determine the "why" of the fight -- why are or aren't the fighters doing what they are doing and how they are doing things?



Scholum Sparring and One-on-One Bouts



Scholum Melees and Group Fights



Ponte-Bach Mini-Tournament of Honorable Elevation



Other Tournaments, Wars, and Practices

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