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Novicius 101,102,103: Beginner Basics (101), Continuing Refresh (102), Advanced Practicum (103)

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From Class Thirteen onwards, we will begin to break the class into four sections.  


Advanced Noviciates will begin doing Armored Practicum (103), new Noviciates will start doing Beginner Basics (101), the Continuing Refresh (102) section will be for those Noviciates continuing to work on the underlying techniques, and the entire Scholum will close the class with doing Melee cohesion and maneuver walk-through drills.


  1. Advanced Noviciates (103 Practicum) will begin armoring-up using their own armor or loaner armor as provided by the Armour Committee and as the classes continue will evolve through the following activities:
    1. Noviciates should make sure to bring what armor, shields, weapons, elbow/knee pads, groin protection, gambesons, etc... that they have
    2. Noviciates should endeavor to arrive at the start of practice to ensure they begin armoring-up on time
    3. Noviciates will begin doing shield-work, learning how first to block called shots from trainers using rotation, corner, flat, compass-step blocks, zero-stem swordblocks, and hanging-guard swordblocks; and then how to block uncalled shots
    4. Noviciates will then begin doing sword-work against their buddies, throwing called onside and offside zero-stem, short-stem, long-stem, overhand-thrust, deep-wraparounds, thumb-turn wraparounds, hanging-guard dropshots, and hanging-guard moulinets; and then uncalled shots.
    5. Noviciates will then begin doing movement work against their buddies, doing onside and offise angle-change jams and angle-change zero-pressures; and countering them with compass-step blocks.
    6. Noviciates will then spar against experienced fighters, applying their offense, defense, and movement in an integrated manner.
  2. While 103 Practicum students armor-up, 101 Beginner Basics students will be tutored as the classes evolve as a group on the following basic techniques:
    1. Breathing
    2. Stance
    3. Steps (Compass, Pass, Half-Pass, Traverse, Forward/Backwards/Left/Right/Cross, Right-Lead/Left-Lead)
    4. Turning
    5. Rotation
    6. Zero-Stem/Short-Stem/Long-Stem
  3. As 101 Beginner Basic Noviciates begin Tutoring and as 103 Advanced Practicum Noviciates armor-up, 102 Continuing Refresh Noviciates are tutored as the classes evolve both individually and as a group on the following techniques until they are ready to move into the Advanced Noviciates (103 Practicum) group:
    1. Zero-stem, Short-stem, Long-stem (Extension Deadly Virtue)
    2. Rotation Blocks (Rotation Deadly Virtue)
    3. Angle-Change Jam/Angle-Change Zero-Pressue (Steps Deadly Virtue)
    4. Compass-Step Shield Blocks (Steps Deadly Virtue)
    5. Sworld-Blocks/Hanging-Guard (Extension and Rotation Deadly Virtues)
    6. Deep-Wraparound/Swordblock/Thumb-turn Wraparound (Rotation Deadly Virtue)
    7. Overhand Thrust/Hanging-Guard Drop-Shot/Hanging-Guard Moulinet (Extension and Rotation Deadly Virtues)
  4. Class combines and everyone works on Melee Cohesion and Maneuver Walk-Through Drills


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