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Mark's Personal Progress Page



Self: Guy with to many hobbies. 

Goals: Slowly and carefully study how to be a good fighter.  Exercise and practice with others.  Maybe attend a few events. 

Winning great tournaments is not requried.  Competing well in the fight I am in is all that matters. 

Persona: Different from me.  Larger than life, rough, unkempt.  Finery is for fools. 





Novicius Concepts: The Seven Deadly Virtues, Integrated Fighting Framework

Personal notes about Novicius Concepts progress


Class One: Breathing, Stance, Movement

The stance is good until I try to do anything else.  Need more practice in the pelvic rotation.  It falls to the rear almost instantly upon doing anyting else. 


The basics of footwork might be reviewed constantly.  Fencing has tought me that no one is good enough ignore the fundations.  I assume that is also true for heavy fighting. 


0602 1737 == Yes, this is them purpose of the 102 and 103 classes, review, and practicum. You need to take the drills from the different classes, and practice them at home. We are creating more in the refresher classes, if and when you can attend, we will bring you up to speed. - Steve


6/25/07 Your footwork in particular can use some focus, as your significant aggression (which is very good) has you in constant motion (less-than-controlled) and constantly throwing shots in an off-balanced manner with your feet often unplanted.  We need to continue to focus on having you only throwing shots when in Virtuous Stance after Virtuous Steps -- Max



Class Two: Zero Stem, Rotation Blocks

Personal notes about class two....

Class Three: Short-Stem

Personal notes about class three...


Class Four: Long-Stem

Personal notes about class four...


Class Five: Striking Blows

Personal notes about class five...


Class Six: Baselines, Evade, Legs

Personal notes about class six...


Class Seven: Leg Combo, Inside Angle Change, Unit Maneuvers

Personal notes about class seven...


Class Eight: Onside Wraparound, Offside Jam, Uppercut Thrust

Personal notes about class eight...


Class Nine: Offside Jam, Zero-Stem Swordblock, Thumb-Turn Wraparound

Personal notes about class nine...


Class Ten: Melee Concepts, Melee Drills, and Unit Scenarios

Personal notes about class ten...


Class Eleven: Shield Blocks -- Flat Blocks and Corner Blocks

Personal notes about class eleven...


Class Twelve: Hanging-Guard Drop-Shot, Hanging-Guard Moulinet

Personal notes about class twelve...


Novicius 101,102,103: Beginner Basics (101), Continuing Refresh (102), Advanced Practicum (103)

Need to drill the basic concepts gained in the 101 classes.  Thousands of repetitions are requried for muscle memory.  A sold hour of drill(s) would not be unwelcome.  I can, but rarely do, work alone with a pell.  Working with others is far better. 


I have a priority to work on keeping the blows as full body attacks.  The arm is quicker and lashes out at an opening.  Without the hips and shoulder, it lands light. 


I still need to work on integration of attack with defence (with movement).  Attack and defence are still somewhat separate. 


0602 17738 -- So noted, an hour of form drill per time. Some of your problem is we need to get you familiarized with the material you have missed.  Steve


6/25/08 We need to work with you on the pell to deconstruct and reconstruct your zero, short, and long-stem onside, offside, wrap-arounds, thrusts, and moulinets so that you stop throwing arm shots and start throwing proper Virtuous Turn, Step, Rotation, Lock, Extension, Wrist shots.  Only after you start throwing shots properly on a regular basis on the pell should we start working on integrating them with defense and maneuver.


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