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Welcome to the Magister Scholum Artis Bellum -- The Master School of the Arts of Combat



Sir Strykar Geirharldsson, Baron Maximilian Von Halstern, Sir Brian Dubois Bretonne, Lord Aethilgar Sheldwich, and the award-winning War Council of Ponte Alto invite you to share in our study of the medieval martial arts as they particularly apply to fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


On these pages we will share our philosophy and theories of single and unit combat, our technique drills and multi-tiered practice syllabus and testing and ranking system for training, videos of practices and events to demonstrate our lessons and enable analysis, and other information as it becomes relevant.


Welcome to our Scholum, and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the field of combat!



Novicius Training (Scholum 101)

Legionnaire Training (Scholum 201)

Ponte Alto Soldier's Manual

Questions And Answers

Philosophy and Approach

Stretching And Exercises

Armor/Armor Suggestions (Armour Committee)

Useful Links

Videos of Fights

Student Personal Progress Pages

The Scholum Teachers (Lanistae)  

Spear Fighting Curriculum






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