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Exercises and Drills

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 Six Step Combo

Purpose: Develop a canned combination as a baseline attack and defense sequence.

Form: Per the classwork



 Ranging Drill (Simple Practice, less armour required)

Purpose: Develop a better sense of range and manuvering.

Form: Fighters take turns. Take a step, check both onside and offside range. Alternate between crossing the gate, and changing the lines.


 Paired Six Pell Drill (Simple Practice, best done on personal time)

Purpose: Hone basic sword techniques, learn to string offensive shoots into wide variety of combinations.

Form: On a pell or against a defender, label the following six targets:

 1) onside to the head

 2) onside to the body

 3) onside to the leg

 4) offside to the head

 5) offside to the body

 6) offside to the leg

    Next, the practicioner begins fired linked pairs of shots in sequence: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, ... 1-6, 2-1, 2-2, ... 6-5, 6-6. Shots can be fired with the leading or trailing edge, stationary, or with movement. The goal is to develop muscle memory and the ability to transition from any position into another shot. This drill can be expanding by practing combinations with footwork to include wraps and deep offside shots.


 Attack/Defense Drill (Simple Practice, a good way to start a practice)

Purpose: Develop both offensive and defensive combinations. Increase manuverability & comfort in armour.

Form: One fighter is designated as the attacker, the other the defender. The attacker must fire a 5 shot combination, calling out each shot as she fires it. The defender tries to block each shot as it is fired. On hearing the call of "5", the roles reverse, with the attacker becoming the defender and the defender becoming the attacker. Note that the transition of roles is critical in this drill, as that moment of transition offers more opportunities to die or kill than average.


 Must Kill Drill (Simple Practice, a good way to end a practice)

Purpose: Increase aggression of new fighters

Form: In armour against a senior fighter, the newer fighter must kill the senior fighter. This forces the new fighter to be aggressive, and test the defenses of the senior fighter.


  Learn to Live Drill (Simple Practice)

Purpose: Increase Defense of new fighters

Form: Fight against a senior fighter. Each time the newer fights is touched, stop and review the positions, and see what can be done to shut down the attack. Resume fighting, with the senior fighter trying to reopen the same gap, stop, and review.


 Centurion Challenge Drill (A long term training drill):

Purpose: Increase offensive strength, endurance, and muscle memory. Refine offense.

Form: Establish a fixed time of day to perform pell work. Hit the pell 100 times a day with a different action. Be sure to use proper form.

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