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A.    Key Takeaways for Melee Discussion (w/armored assistant demonstration)



1.    Teamwork and Communication – There’s no “Me” in Melee


a.    Buddy/Squad-level teamwork (what, how, when, where)

b.    Triad-level teamwork (what, how, when, where)

c.    Importance of Experience & Practice in developing Teamwork

d.    Importance of constant Communication amongst Buddies and Triads

e.    Importance of relaying Communications

f.    Importance of Morale, Team-Building and Partnerships

g.    Role of Team Glory in enhancing personal glory


2.    Cohesion and Formation


a.    Survival as the cornerstone of unit Cohesion (defensive vs. offensive)

b.    Cohesion as the basis for local weapons, numeric, or positional superiority

c.    Maintaining Cohesion during Maneuver

d.    Importance of Regaining Cohesion (Reform)

e.    Closed/Tight/Defensive Formation

f.    Open/Loose/Skirmish/Offensive Formation

g.    Column Formation

h.    Kill-Cup Formation


3.    Charge and Reform


a.    Form

b.    Advance

c.    Double-Time

d.    Charge, Pulse-Charge or Breakthrough

e.    Reform


4.    Tactical Objectives of Melee Situations



a.    Local Weapons Superiority (e.g., W/S vs. Pole or Spear)

b.    Local Numerical Superiority


i.    Outnumber opponent (flank, triad v-attack, outmaneuver)

ii.    Temporal Disablement (take opponent out of range for tactically significant timeframe)

iii.    Physical Disablement (cripple leg/arm “Leg ‘em and Leave ‘em”)


c.    Local Positional Superiority (inner/outer flanks, high terrain, etc…)


5.    Aggression and Decision-Making


a.    Do something even if it’s wrong (“Dare to be stupid”)

b.    Hit hard, take reasonable

c.    Have fun and kill!


6.    Philosophy and Attitude


a.    Soldiers for the King and Kingdom

b.    Professionalism and respect/respectfulness matter

c.    Chivalry, Prowess, Courtesy, Honor & Loyalty are the foundations of Victory




B.    Melee Training (Northern Army Intra-Regional War Practice)


1.    Drill Stations (two sets of three drill stations)


a.    Basic “What-to-Do” Technique Drill Stations


i.    Cohesion/Maneuver Drills

ii.    Two-on-one/Speed-Kill Drills

iii.    Spear-Buddy Drills


b.    Basic “How-to-Melee” Technique Drill Stations


i.    Small-Unit Flanking Drills

ii.    Breakthrough Drills

iii.    Pulse Charge Drills



2.    Large/Small Unit Scenarios


a.    Small-Unit vs. Headhunters

b.   Protect the King (Large Unit vs. Headhunters, protect the commander)

c.   Open Field Large Unit Practice

d.   Limited Front Large Unit Practice

e.   Small Unit Round-Robin



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