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Positioning your feet in what we will refer to as a Zero Stance, feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed forward and knees slightly bent with your weight on the balls of your feet and your pelvis thrust slightly upwards and forward, the objective is to concentrate on your breathing, focus your attention and center yourself:

1. Breathe in, raising your arms slowly up over head, bringing your air into your diaphragm and raising your ribcage

2. Breathe out, lowering your arms slowly to torso level, feeling a slight tightening in your stomach as your breathe out your air

3. Breathe in, bringing your arms in to the center of you torso (almost like giving someone a loose hug), bringing your air into your diaphragm and raising your ribcage.

4. Breathe out, bring your arms out to torso level as described in step 2

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you are focused, centered and in control of your breathing



Turning/Rotation Refresh:

Killing force in SCA blows are primarily generate from putting the weight of the body behind the blow by rotating (or turning) into a blow around the hips.

  • Zero Stance Explosive Hip Rotation/Recover
  • Fighting Stance Explosive Hip Rotation/Recover



Rotation Block Refresh:

 As the Zero-Stem shows that hip-rotation turning movement is all that is necessary to kill on opponent, the Rotation Block shows that the same type of hip-rotation turning movement is all that is necessary to block shots.  The rotation block is a shield-block defense that is fully integrated with the turning/rotation component of movement.

  • Fighting Stance Rotation Block/Recover



Zero-Stem Refresh:

The Zero-Stem is the offensive sword shot thrown from the inside baseline at extreme close range from an opponent with only a hip rotation for force generation and no arm movement at all associated with the blow.  It is the ultimate expression of the fact that force generation comes from body movement, as to kill with a Zero-Stem is to kill solely with body rotation.

  • Zero-Stem Onside Head/Recover
  • Zero-Stem Offside Head/Recover
  • Zero-Stem Combinations/Recover



Short-Stem Refresh:

The Short-Stem is the offensive sword shot thrown from short ranges at an opponent using both hip rotation and small arm movements.  It differs from the Zero-Stem in that there is some arm extension and from the Long-Stem in that we are not fully extending our arms.

  • Short-Stem Onside Head/Recover
  • Short-Stem Offside Head/Recover
  • Short-Stem Combinations/Recover



Combination Long-Stem/Zero-Stem 6-Shot Combination Maneuver Drill:

  • Form Right beside your Buddy
  • Open Formation
  • Sword-length between ranks
  • Compass-forward-right onside Long-stem
  • Compass-forward-left offside long-stem
  • Compass-forward-right onside Zero-stem
  • Compass-forward-left offside Zero-stem
  • Compass-backward-right onside Long-stem
  • Compass-backward-left offside Long-stem
  • Recover

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New Material




Striking Blows

  • Sweetspot of swords (2-3" from the end of the rattan)
  • Gauging distance from opponents to the sweetspot
    • Zero-stem gauging Drills
      • Get in stance appropriate distance from armored opponent/pell
      • Zero-stem Onsides/Recover
      • Zero-stem Offsides/Recover
      • Zero-stem Combinations/Recover
    • Short-stem gauging Drills
      • Compass-step backwards from Zero-stem distance
      • Gauge distance to sweetspot
      • Short-stem Onsides/Recover
      • Short-stem Offsides/Recover
      • Short-stem Combinations/Recover
    • Long-stem gauging Drills
      • Half-pass backwards from Short-stem distance
      • Gauge distance to sweetspot
      • Long-tem Onsides/Recover
      • Long-stem Offsides/Recover
      • Long-stem Combinations/Recover
  • Targetting and Precision
    • Importance of hitting where you aim and hitting into precise slots and holes
    • Commonly available slot oppenings requiring precision and targetting
      • Eyes-to-glancing surfaces
      • Cuisse corners
      • Slot shots
      • Thrusts
  • Power Generation and Pellwork
    • Zero-Stem Combinations/Recover
    • Short-Stem Combinations/Recover
    • Long-Stem Combinations/Recover



Unit Maneuver Drills

  • Advance
  • Shift Right/Left
  • Wheel Right/Left
  • Fall-Back


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